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Golf's Revolutionary New Fitness System

Golf's Revolutionary New Fitness System Image

Improves Stability, Power, Distance and Control

The Core Grip Workout and Fitness System develops key muscle groups for improved overall fitness, core strength and stability. By improving your fitness level and specifically targeting your core with the Core Grip Workout System, you will build a solid foundation for dramatic improvement in your game. Increased speed and power will bring greater distance. Proper kinematic sequencing and coordination of the body in each exercise will lead to optimal control of your drives.

Developed by Leading Golf Fitness Experts

The Core Grip Workout System was developed by leading golf fitness experts to deliver a simple, yet highly effective workout system that will elevate your game. Just a few minutes a day with the Core Grip brings tangible results. Built specifically for golfers, the ergonomically designed grip prevents over training by breaking down your grip if tension or weight exceeds your ability. Swivel rings on both sides of the grip allow for training in both the backswing and the downswing, providing a more complete workout than any other device!

Advanced Mobile Training Technology

The Golf Core Grip is best used with its companion Golf Core Grip App (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch). The app provides additional training, instructional videos, customized workouts and progress recording. Working with a trainer? Share your progress with them straight from the app! Better than a DVD because new workouts are only a download away and you can do your workout anywhere! No more being tied to a TV or computer monitor. Together the Golf Core Grip and the Golf Core Grip app make a complete golf workout system. Don't have an Apple device? No worries! Simply visit to access all of the Golf Core Grip's instruction and video training!

A Complete Golf Workout

The Golf Core Grip Workout System consists of:

  • 1 Ergonomic Core Grip
  • 1 Light Tension Band
  • 1 Medium Tension Band
  • Wall Chart of Core 12 Exercises
  • 1 Mesh Travel Bag
  • Downloadable app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for ongoing instruction.

Using Core Grip with Tension Bands and a Door

  • The Golf Core Grip bands are designed with a clip on one end and a heavy duty strap at the other end. The clip attaches to the Core Grip rings. The strap is used as your anchor point in a door.
  • At the end of the band is a "bubble" which is used to anchor the strap in place when the door is closed.
  • Slip the strap between the door and the door jam. The "bubble" should be on the side of the door opposite of your training space.
  • The strap is positioned below the low hinge for your low anchor point on Lifts. Position above the top hinge for your high anchor point on Chops.
  • With the anchor point secured in the closed door, you are ready to use your Golf Core Grip!